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Gold Coast Family Lawyers

We have lawyers who are ready and fully equipped to deal with any type of Family and De Facto Law.

Any information or advice given is completely confidential.

Some people even come to us before the relationship breaks down for more information on their rights and the best steps to take going forward.

If you’re looking to protect your personal assets before moving in with a partner or getting married, we have lawyers that can help you with all kinds of Pre-Nups or Binding Financial Agreements.

What Can We Help You With?

We Have dedicated lawyers specialising in Family Law who can help you in all areas including;

  • Divorce applications
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Children custody matters
  • Will and estate planning
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution
  • Intervention Orders
  • Family trusts

Gold Coast Lawyers are here to help regardless of your circumstances. We know that these issues can arise regardless of the type of relationship you are in.

Why Wait?

Any of these issues can be avoided by a Binding Financial Agreement.

Spending a small amount of money now can save you thousands of dollars down the line. Not only that, getting your affairs in order now can save you from the stress and emotional strain that can be brought on during property settlement proceedings.

How Do I Get in Touch?

You can call family lawyers Gold Coast today on 00000 for a free initial consultation or send us a message at the bottom of the page and we will call you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If things are amicable, do we have to go to court?

If things are amicable between yourself and your partner, a court preceding can be avoided. Providing you and your former partner can reach an agreement, the legalising process of this is straightforward and can usually be settled outside of court. We would advise any involved parties to seek legal advice regarding the best way of formalising a property settlement or parenting agreement.

Who will the kids live with?

Because the circumstances vary family to family, there is no one right answer. When a court makes parenting orders, the child’s best interests are the main consideration. It is always not the case that the child will spend an equal amount of time with each parent.

They will set out primary and secondary issues that must be considered when the Court makes a final decision on the child/s living arrangements. The primary considerations are:

  • the need to protect the child from physical or psychological harm and/or from being subjected to, or exposed to, abuse, neglect or family violence; and
  • the benefit to the child of having a meaningful relationship with both parents

Some of the additional considerations are:

  • the nature of the relationship between the child and each of the parents, this can also include grandparents and other relatives
  • the extent to which each of the child’s parents has fulfilled their obligations to maintain the child and their relationship.
  • the parent’s attitude to the child, and to the responsibilities of parenthood
  • Any family violence involving the child or a member of the child’s family
  • Any views expressed by the child.

If you are concerned about any of these factors or the short/long term arrangements of the child, then please contacts us.

When can I get divorced?

A divorce is a legal process of ending a marriage. The involved parties must have been separated for 12 months before they can file for divorce.

A property settlement can be agreed upon before a divorce is finalised. We would normally advise waiting until the property settlement is finalised before applying for a divorce. This is because the parties only have 12 months from the date the divorce is issued to formalise a property agreement.

What do I need to do to prove I’m separated?

When separated, most parties cease living together however some parties continue to live under one roof. The separation does not have to be formally recorded. Providing you have communicated your intentions with your partner, this is should be enough. You can take some additional steps, for example, closing any joint bank accounts or contacting Centrelink if you are in receipt of government benefits.

How do I apply for child support?

Child support payments are governed by the Australian Government Department of Human Services.

You can visit their website for more information.

Why should I Chose Gold Coast Lawyers?

  • In most cases, we offer fixed fees
  • We have dedicated family lawyers who specialise in all aspects of family law
  • We treat every case with the care and attention it deserves