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Relocation Applications

If you are planning on relocating with your children a long distance from their other parent you may need to apply to the court in order to get their permission. This is especially the case if the other parent is not agreeing with your move.

Here at Gold Coast Lawyers, we can give you advice on all the factors that would be considered by the court before they make a decision. We can also prepare the application material that will be presented to the court on your behalf. Relocation applications can be a difficult process and a difficult area of law.

What If I don’t wait for permission

We know that this can be a very difficult and frustrating time but unfortunately, you do need to wait for the court to grant you permission. There are consequences for those that do not wait. If you move the child without the permission of the other parent, you may find that the court will order you to move back to where you used to live. Alternately, the court may remove the child from yourself and place them in the care of the other parent.

This can prove to be very costly, especially if you have already purchased your new home or signed a lease for the property. Our specialist lawyers can help you avoid these costs by advising you om the best steps to take on what can sometimes be a very difficult matter.

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