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No Win No Fee Lawyers Gold Coast

If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault you could be entitled to make No Win No Fee compensation claim.
Most people start their journey towards compensation by talking to a lawyer about their situation.

What is No Win No Fee’?

No win no fee is an agreement between you and your solicitor so that you can claim compensation without paying any legal fees upfront. If your compensation claim is not successful, your no win no fee agreement means you won’t have to pay your lawyer any money. To take advantage of a no win no charge agreement, you generally must have suffered an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

The best way to find out for sure is to speak to someone about your situation.
Only a practising solicitor can make this determination for you.

How to find the best lawyer

When you do a quick google search for personal injury lawyers you will see that there are literally thousands of people practising in personal injury.

Just like all industries, the level of skill and experience from person to person varies.

Choosing the right lawyer is the most difficult decision you will have to make about claiming compensation.

Always check that any prospective candidate has experience in personal injury claims like yours.

The main areas of personal injury law that no win no fee lawyers Gold Coast practice in are:

  • Motor vehicle accident compensation
  • Medical negligence
  • Workers compensation
  • Public liability compensation

There are other areas however these are the main categories that claims fall into. To get maximum compensation, it’s better to pick someone that practices solely in claims like yours.
Another important thing you must consider is, how much will you be charged if your claim is successful? The fees that are charged by law firms can vary quite dramatically.

Where one firm might charge your $10,000 another might want $20,000

The personal injury lawyers at GCL are chosen based on their experience, value for money and success. You can even check your eligibility on online without having to speak to a lawyer.

Do I need to hire a local lawyer to represent me?

It’s always best to hire a local lawyer with local knowledge, however, this is your choice.

We cater for all types of accidents and injuries suffered in the Gold Coast.


What next?

Once you have done your homework about the candidates, it’s time to instruct one of them to act on your behalf. Whichever one of our solicitors you choose will determine the amount of compensation you receive. Once legal proceedings commence claims can take anywhere from 1 to 5 years to conclude.

For further information about claiming compensation call our Gold Coast office today.