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Have you updated your Will lately?

have any of these things happened since you signed your last Will ?? :

  • have you Married?
  • have you Divorced?
  • have you had a child?
  • have you had a major change of circumstances?
  • have you acquired of disposed of a significant asset (ie a house, unit or land)?
  • would you like to change the executor and/or a beneficiaries of your will or they have died?
  • has your estate become significantly smaller or larger than when you last completed a will?
  • have you moved interstate?
  • has a witness to your will has died or may be difficult to locate?
  • have you changed your mind about how you want your assets distributed?

…if ANY of these things have occurred then you REALLY should update your Will today! You Never know when something unexpected could happen so it is always wise to have your affairs in order at all times.

Have you been left out of a Will?

If you were left out of the Will of a loved one and you believe that you should be entitled to be a beneficiary of the will, or if you were included as a beneficiary however not provided for sufficiently then you may have an action against the estate where you can challenge the will. We offer advice and representation in Estate matters.

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We also offer great deals for Mutual Wills made by couples.

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